Happy Holidays!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

May God bless each and everyone of us. Have a great year-ender, and a greater year ahead!



I HATE PLDT SO MUCH!!!!! It's been more than a week since our DSL connection is down. I can't do my office projects and assigments at home because of that! And I have to go to office early so I can finish those things. Grrr!!! I hate them so much, I'm gonna ruin their reputation to every PLDT subscriber. Calling all PLDT subscribers!! Switch na kayo sa Globe o kaya sa Smart!! Bulok ang PLDT!! BULOK!!! What's worse is I can't play Ragnarok!! Boohoo.

Earlier, we claimed our DLSU Alumni card. And WTF, my card is sooooooooooo fugly. It's not metallic green. Just plain green. Ang skwater amf. The others' were metallic green, and mine was the only fugly green. I hate DLSUAA!!! Okay, maybe it's okay for now because I didn't really pay anything for that card... So I'm going to order another one and tell them I lost my first one. It only costs 150 bucks anyway... Grrrr.... Things aren't definitely going my way...

I'm hating a lot of things/people/group of people lately... Hmm... Must be that time of the year...

And yeah, I can't upload my graduation pictures because of stupid PLDT!!

And now I can't remember the things that happened the past week... Sobness.



Woohoo!! I'm officially a college grad!!

I haven't uploaded the pictures because I can't install the digicam driver. Sadness. Maybe next week.

I'm in a computer shop right now, because stupid PLDT DSL has gone haywire again. Yahoo! Mail Beta is ultimately laggy, it sucks.

Anyway, so Saturday morning was our graduation. Woke up at 5AM, took a bath, got dressed, and left for PICC with mom and dad. Kuya drove us there. Unfortunately, none of us knew where PICC was. Wahaha! So we got lost, and got delayed by maybe 20 minutes. I got there, and met with friends. Waited for others, programme started, and something yucky happened midway the programme. But I'm kinda lazy blogging about it, so just read it anywhere else (from my fellow graduates' blogs).

It ended at around 12, and cam-whored a lot after! Haha! Unfortunately, others (read: ROSS GAZMIN!) left early, so I don't have a picture with them. I can't wait to upload them. Left after a gazillion hours of picture taking. Got home, slept.

Woke up at around 530PM. We were going to have a family and relatives dinner at Luk Foo. Unfortunately, not all my relatives were there. Good thing Lorette and Danica made it, or else I would've been bored to my ass. Harhar!

Then we (Lorette, Danica and I) went to Starbucks after, and met with Julius. Stayed there for a while, chatted, then went to Lorette's house. And we did this paper requirement for Julius. Thank gahd I didn't pursue a nursing career in UP Manila (it was my first choice during college applications). They were doing this psychosomatic tree. (That was intended. A cheap attempt at humor) All the while watching the first season of One Tree Hill. Hahaha! I could watch OTH episodes the whole day. We left Lorette's house at around 5AM, because Julius had a flight to Bora at around 7AM. Got home, then slept.

That's about it. Oh yeah. I almost cried because of Bro. Armin's speech. About truth. I swear. It was bullseye. It was as if the speech was made for me. And about my dilemma, if I should tell Six or not. Haha, grabe. He said something like, "the truth hurts," "it's like digging your own grave," and so much more, that really really tugged at my heart.

And yeyy!! I didn't cry on grad day!! Hehehe! Hmm.. What else, what else...

I guess that's about it. I'll just blog again if I remember something. Congrats to all graduates of batch 147! Fellow batchmates, congratulations! Happy job hunting! Hehehe!

S22!! Block reunion slash advanced Christmas party on December 2, Saturday! Mark your calendars!! Other details and plans to follow :)

High school friends!! Reunion on October 21! At Kareeza's house! Meeting place, Robinson's Manila, after lunch probably. Hang out for a while (Photohunt!!), then proceed to Kare's house at around 5 or 6PM! Text or leave a comment here if you can come or not.


Bye, Koj

A good friend of mine passed away today. And I can't even remember the last time I saw her.

Karen Jane Molinyawe. She was popularly known as Kojen or Koj. She became my classmate only during the last year of our high school life. This is the part where I ate my words, and swallowed them whole. Before the school year started, we already heard how she behaves, and me and my friends didn't like what we heard. I instantly declared that I am going to make her life as hellish as possible, when we learned that she was going to be our classmate. This is the first time that I let the bitch in me get ahead of myself. I am never going to forgive myself for saying that. Never.

She didn't turn out to be so bad after all. We became friends. We even called each other "crush." Long story. We were seatmates during our physics class, we used to go to that mini store inside our school (I forgot how we called it) to buy Chocolait and snacks. We used to wash our faces together after CAT with our other friends. She was really a good person. Very sweet, caring and thoughtful. I can't believe that I misjudged her. She comprised 50% or more of the quotes and jokes in my phone, thanks to our being both subscribers to Sun Cellular.

Then only a few months ago, a never-heard-of (at least for me) disease hit her. I planned on many times to visit her, but I had no time. Gahd, I couldn't even make time for a friend, when she made all the time for me when I needed someone back in high school. Weeks passed, and she was still confined in the hospital. And I still didn't have time. I'm such a bad friend. Then she became okay, got out of the hospital, and still, I didn't have time to pay her a visit.

Earlier, while at work, Frytz asked me if I received a text from Mascian peeps. At first, I thought it was about the Alumni Reunion of MSHS. Then he said no. And that's when I had a grim feeling. I instantly fished my phone out of my bag, and read 4 messages. Two were from Joyce, and one was from Don. I nearly cried when I read their messages. She passed away. Frytz explained to me how. She became okay the week before (because after she got out, she was brought to the hospital again), but died of heart attack today. I didn't know what to say. It was unexpected. It was unthought of.

I didn't cry at that time. I spaced out. Went to oblivion. But when I was on my way home, alone on the bus, listening on my iPod, that was the time it really sinked (sunk?) in. Koj was gone. I never even got the chance to see her, to talk to her. I was trying so hard to stop myself from crying, because there were people beside me, but I failed. Tears flowed, I was trying so hard not to make a sound so as not to create a scene. I could barely breathe properly. Koj is gone. I never even got a chance to ask her for forgiveness. I fell asleep, crying, guilt eating my heart.

Koj, wherever you are now, please forgive me. I'm sorry I wasn't able to visit you. I may have been hard on you at times, but I am never going to forget the time and friendship you shared with me. I treasure them, with all my heart.

Gahd, I'm crying again.